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Kickstarting Accessibility: Mudeford Phoenix Football Club's Latest Ground Upgrades

The East Christchurch Sports and Social Club, home of Mudeford Phoenix Football Club, has always been more than just a sporting venue; it's a hub for community engagement, camaraderie, and the shared passion for the beautiful game. The club's commitment to inclusivity and a welcoming atmosphere is now more evident than ever, as the ground improvement initiatives continue to unfold. The recent addition of mobility-friendly access and the strategic trimming of bushes to create more standing space marks a significant step towards making the football club accessible to everyone.

Unlocking Access

In a bid to ensure that every fan can cheer on their favorite team without hindrance, Mudeford Phoenix Football Club has introduced new access designed specifically for mobility scooters and wheelchairs. This thoughtful addition not only fosters inclusivity but also ensures that everyone can navigate the grounds effortlessly. The new access is a symbol of the club's commitment to breaking down barriers and making football matches an enjoyable experience for fans of all abilities.

More Room for Celebration

Recognizing the importance of creating an environment where supporters can stand together and celebrate victories, the club has undertaken the task of trimming back bushes strategically. This has resulted in the creation of more standing space, offering fans a chance to enjoy the matches comfortably. The club remains dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings while simultaneously enhancing the matchday experience for its loyal supporters.

The continued ground improvements at Mudeford Phoenix Football Club underscore the club's commitment to fostering inclusivity and creating a vibrant community space. The mobility-friendly ramp and expanded standing areas are testaments to the club's dedication to providing an enjoyable experience for fans of all abilities. As the Mudeford Phoenix community comes together to celebrate these enhancements, the club eagerly awaits feedback to ensure that the football grounds remain a welcoming and accessible space for everyone.

With thanks to Kev Adams from Adams Landscape and Garden Maintenance and Jamie David from JD Brickwork for supplying the time and man power to make this happen.

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