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Meet our new CWO

We take safeguarding very seriously at Mudeford Phoenix and it is something that the FA are keen for all clubs at all levels to take responsibility for. Over the summer we have made changes to the Safeguarding section of our website and have tried to share information through our social channels to show how you can help with Safeguarding at the club. We have also had a new Child Welfare Officer join the team who has been the driving force behind this and we think it is time you got to meet her and learn a little more about Laura Gibbs.

1) Describe yourself in three words.

Caring, friendly & non-judgemental.

2) What does your role entail?

Being the first point of contact should children or parents need to discuss something happening or that has happened that is not putting the safety and wellbeing of children first, as well as organising DBSs for all those working with children.

3) Best thing about being part of the Mudeford Phoenix Team?

Once you get to know a few of the team you feel like a little family and that's always a nice feeling. Plus Girls Football is amazing.

4) Last book you read?

Last book that is worth mentioning was "Where the Crawdads Sing".

5) Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I've always loved football, so much so that when I was traveling New Zealand and was staying on an apple picking/ packing farm I saw a sky dish on a property and made it a point to make friends with whoever lived there so I could watch the football games. I did and he's still one of my best friends now.

If you get the chance to say hello to Laura please introduce yourself and if you ever need to contact her you can do so via: Email -

Telephone - +44 7920 111232

And we ask everyone to ensure they have Laura's telephone number saved in their phone. Welcome to the team Laura!

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