Frank Hunt

Chairperson & Treasurer

Player's Enquiries Youth 

Please Contact me on 

Tel: 07957 439091

Kayeigh Hopkins

Vice Chairperson

The vice-chair stands in for the chair and helps with difficult decisions between meetings. The chairs should liaise regularly with the vice-chair and ensure he or she knows enough about the current issues within the organisation to be able to stand in at short notice.

Tel: 07897 813612


Stuart Gard


Player's Enquires & Ladies Administration Enquires

Please Contact me 

Tel: 01202 499534

Lisa Freeman

Club Welfare Officer

A Club Welfare Officer is the person within a sports club with primary responsibility for managing and reporting concerns about children and for putting into place procedures to safeguard children in the club

Tel: 07826 294949


Gary Rafferty

IT Secretary & Referee Secretary

We at Mudeford Phoenix are always looking for new Referee for matches please contact me if you would like to join the Phoenix Family 

Tel: 07980 339160

Steve Berry

Pitch Maintenance Officer

One of the most Important roles at a football club, but one that always goes relatively unnoticed. The job of a groundsman is certainly not a glamorous one & come rain or shine those up & down the country are tasked with the maintenance of pitches, green and other outdoor areas.

Tel: 07710 413750